Hi! My name is Nina. I love cooking non-dogmatic, plant based food, exploring different aromas, textures and techniques. I enjoy long walks, looking for wild herbs, animals and clouds. I practice yoga, meditation and ayurveda. I love hanging out with people and discover their worldviews, passions and fears as well as discussing the really urgent need to change our food system.

Although we are not exactly identical twins in most aspects of life, I do really resonate with Albert Einsteins quote on talent/curiosity: ‘I have no special talent – I´m only passionately curious’. Well, and he also wanted to end violence against animals.

I love to talk about Zen Buddhism as well as Madonna. I am a hippie with shaved legs. I sit with my macbook on a regenerative farm while I write this text. I am one of those people from Munich who moved to Berlin and messed up the prices. I am part of the game. But I try to not look away, stay with the trouble, accepting it. and from there change. I am devoting myself to change.

*** I love you that´s why I want you to eat good food ***