my first testimonial <3

Sensory food experience

Nina’s sensory food experience came with so much fullness in the heart & a surprising array of emotions & revelations :lila_herz:
The food was truly vibrant & alive,the colours bouncing with the heartfelt intention of the love it was made with
The slow pace & quietness revealed a unique opportunity,a new way of sharing,being & eating.
Sitting quietly while we shared the food with each other,we collectively infused the food further into even higher realms of love through silent presence with each ingredient.
As we were guided by Nina’s soft loving voice we were already connecting deeply with the roots of these foods & the vibrant loving energy they carry with them. Appreciation for natures miracle of growth & transformation filled my heart
To discover the food in our hands with our sight covered we deeply felt the foods high vibration as it entered into our mouths with exploding warmth,our hands grateful to give & our mouths grateful to receive.
As the food moved through our bodies we could truly feel the life force of pure joy.
I found myself with extreme emotions,tears bursting from my eyes along with the exploding gratitude for these moments & the miracles that grow on our earth. Also deep sadness as is the polarity of life,the natural pains of suffering being touched,moved & brought out into the light of this very bright vibration.

Nina I am truly grateful to this unique experience as it has truly brought a deepness that shone love & light on parts of me that were hungry for attention with unconditional love & gratitude
As my grateful body received I was filled with a rollercoaster of emotions….to be so intently present with this sensory experience of food touched me deeply.

Thank you Nina for your devoted energy that you gave to all parts of this experience,we as a collective are hungry for more of this raw opportunity to dive deeply with our connection with Mother Earth,each other & her miracles that she abundantly grows for us with unconditional love